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III Rõuge Triathlon of Meie Liigume
VI cup of Estonian triathlon series
13 August 2016
Rõuge, Võru county





  • The triathlon centre is open for registration of participants from 9:00 a.m.
  • 11:00 a.m. Start of children E, D, C
  • 12:00 a.m. Start of youngsters A, juniors, main class and veterans  40-50-60
  • 12:02 a.m. Start of teams
  • 14:00 p.m. Award ceremony of the I start
  • 14:30 p.m. Start of amateurs, youngsters B and veterans 70-80
  • 16.00 p.m Award ceremony of the II and III start
  • Registration on the spot and handing out competition numbers for pre-registered participants ends 30 minutes before the respective start.
  • Pre-competition information is given 15 minutes before the respective start near the transition area of the triathlon.


Age groups

  • First start:  children E (2007-2009), children D (2005-2006) and children C (2003-2004)
  • Second start: youngsters A (1999-2000), juniors (1997-1998), main class (1977-1996), veterans 40 (1967-1976), veterans 50 (1957-1966), veterans 60 (1947-1956),
  • Third start: amateurs I (1977-2000), amateurs II (1947-1976), youngsters B (2001-2002), veterans 70 (1937-1946), veterans 80 (1936 and older)
  • Teams: no classes. A team includes 2-3 members and each member will cover one part of triathlon distance.



  • I start (children E, D, C):   150 m swim, 4 km cycling on the highway, 1 km run
  • II start (main class, youngsters A, juniors, veterans 40-50-60 and teams: 750 m swim, 20 km cycling on the highway, 5 km run
  • Amateurs, youngsters B and veterans 70-80: 250 m swim, 10 km cycling on the highway, 2 km run


Transition area

  • The transition area is located at the parking lot beside Lake Rõuge Suurjärv.
  • Bicycle place is guaranteed for all participants.
  • Participants may only walk or run in the transition area during the competition; riding a bicycle is forbidden.
  • The helmet must be secured before contacting the bicycle and the helmet must be worn during the entire ride. After the cycling distance the helmet may be removed only after placing the bicycle in the transition area.
  • The participants can bring the equipment necessary for competing in the transition area after the last participant of the previous start has finished; participants in the first start can bring their equipment as of 10:00 a.m.
  • The transition area is guarded.
  • One can enter the transition area only upon showing the competition number.



  • Swimming takes place in Lake Rõuge Suurjärv.
  • Lifeguards guard the swimmers.
  • We recommend using swim caps (given by the organiser) and goggles.
  • A swimsuit may be used if the water temperature is below 22°C 1 hour before the start.



  • Cycling distance takes place at asphalt-covered Rõuge-Verijärve highway.
  • U-turn distances.
  • The cyclist must comply with valid traffic rules and amendments.
  • The competition track is guarded upon turning to highway from the transition area, in U-turns and at bigger crossroads.
  • drafting is allowed I and III start, drafting is forbidden II start
  • Handle bar accessories are allowed/prohibitedin accordance with the competition rules of ITU.
  • Wearing a helmet is obligatory in the cycling distance (worn secured in the transition area before contacting the bicycle).
  • It is forbidden to compete with no shirt on the cycling track.



  • Running distances take place in Rõuge and nearby.
  • Asphalt-covered running tracks.
  • Road signs guide the runners in the running distance.
  • It is forbidden to compete with no shirt on the running track.


Participation fees

Pre-registration in III Rõuge Triathlon of Meie Liigume in the environment of


Participation fees from 18 July until 7 August:

  • participation fee of amateurs, youngsters B and veterans 70-80 is 20,00€
  • participation fee of youngsters A, juniors, main class and veterans 40-50-60 is 25,00 €
  • participation fee of teams is 30,00  €     
  • youngsters E, youngsters D and youngsters C is 5,00€


On the spot up to 30 minutes before the respective start:

  • participation fee of amateurs, youngsters B and veterans 70-80 is 30,00€
  • participation fee of youngsters A, juniors, main class and veterans 40-50-60 is 35,00 €
  • participation fee of teams is 40,00  €     
  • youngsters E, youngsters D and youngsters C is 7,00€


Licence fees

  • Licence of Estonian Triathlon Association is obligatory for everyone who participates in the Estonian Triathlon Association Cups and Estonian Championships.
  • Children (E, D, C) – one-time fee 1,00€
  • Youngsters and juniors (youngsters A and youngsters B, juniors) - one-time fee 5 €
  • Adults (main class, veterans) - one-time fee 10 €
  • One-time licence fee of amateurs is included in the registration fee of Rõuge Triathlon
  • Teams - free
  • One-time licence can be purchased from the competition centre on the spot


General information of the competition

  • III Rõuge Triathlon of Meie Liigume is a cup of the Estonian triathlon series and II cup of Meie Liigume Medita triathlon series.
  • Competition regulations of Estonian Triathlon Association will be followed.
  • The organiser reserves the right to make organisational changes on the competition day.
  • By registering in the event all participants confirm with their signatures that their health status allows them to compete in the triathlon and they are aware of the rules of the competition and traffic rules and are responsible for the violation of these rules.
  • Six best of E, D and C age groups and three best of other age groups are awarded.
  • Prepared and marked competition tracks, race number, timing chip and result in the protocol (swim, cycling, run separately and complete time), medical aid, lifeguard aid and bicycle aid, a beverage in the finish and on the running track, a diploma, a swimming cap and a commemorative medal are guaranteed for the participant.
  • Post-competition showering takes place in the sport facilities of Rõuge Basic School near Rõuge church.
  • Protocol of the competition is disclosed on the spot during the triathlon day and on the website of Meie Liigume during the work day following the event.
  • Protest can be made 15 minutes after finishing the latest. The fee for making a protest is 40 euros which will be returned if the protest is satisfied. The committee has 3 members.


Organisers of the competition

  • The main organiser is non-profit association ABC Arendus (Sports Club Meie Liigume). The contact person is Siim Ausmees, phone 503 2748, e-mail
  • The main referee is Andres Kübar, phone 501 4939, e-mail
  • The organisation partner is Rõuge Rural Municipality Government.