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1st Tõrva Extreme Run
11.06.2016 | Tõrva city| Valga county| Republic of Estonia


The first Tõrva Extreme Run takes place on 11 June 2016, it is a classic cross-country run which is characterised by several man-made and natural obstacles.


In 2016, Tõrva city celebrates its 90th anniversary of winning a city status and Tõrva Extreme Run is one of the main events of the jubilee year!

Tõrva is located 25 km away from the border city Valka.


Additional information:



The first Tõrva Extreme Run takes place on 11 June 2016.

The competition centre is located at the stadium of Tõrva Gymnasium.

  • 9.30 a.m. - 11.30 a.m. – registration on site and issue of participant materials at the stadium of Tõrva Gymnasium
  • 12.00 p.m. – wave starts according to participant numbers, the waves will start 10 minutes apart
  • About 2.00 p.m. – awarding the best in the competition centre


Course description

The length of the course is approximately 7-8 km and it is a classic cross-country run which is characterised by several natural and man-made obstacles.

Upon organising the extreme run, the characteristics of the terrain of Tõrva area is taken into account, i.e. the course takes the runners through water bodies, over hills and valleys, through forests and bushes.


Age groups

  • Boys/girls 2001-2006
  • M/W 1977-2000
  • M/W 1967-1976
  • M/W 1966+



  • 3 members per team.
  • The result of the competitor participating in a team is also taken into account in the individual competition.
  • The teams compete in one age group.
  • The members of the teams must be visually recognisable (similar clothing, etc.).
  • The results of the team are determined according to the time of the member finishing last in the team.


Participation fees

One can pre-register at

  • It is possible to pay the participation fee with a credit card.

22 February - 30 April 2016


  • Individual participant - 20.00 EUR
  • Team of 3 members - 50.00 EUR


1 May - 5 June 2016

  • Individual participant - 25.00 EUR
  • Team of 3 members - 65.00 EUR


Registration on site

  • Individual participant - 40.00 EUR
  • Team of 3 members - 100.00 EUR

It is possible to pay in cash on site.


Participation fee includes:

  • Professional organisation of competition
  • Electronic timing
  • Diploma on paper
  • First aid
  • Drink on the course and in the finish
  • Snack in the finish
  • Memorial medal and headband of the event



  • Three best participants of all age groups and free best teams are awarded.
  • A special award is granted to the team with the most attractive costumes.


Other information

  • All issues not discussed in the instructions are solved by the organisers of the run.
  • The organisers have the right to change what was mentioned in the instructions.
  • Garbage can be thrown on the ground only in specific places.
  • Participation fee is not refunded upon dropping out/quitting.
  • Dressing and washing rooms located on the sublevel of C-unit of Tõrva Gymnasium are open for dressing and washing (direction signposts).
  • Parking in the parking lot of Tõrva Gymnasium.
  • If you notice a person in need of help on the course, please notify the organiser with distinguishing marks immediately or call 112.
  • The organisers ask the participants to wear older sports clothes.
  • The participant confirms with his/her signature upon issuing the start materials that he/she has examined the instructions of Tõrva Extreme Run and his/her state of health allows to take part in the event. The participant is personally responsible for his/her activity and inactivity during the entire event. The participant takes part in the event voluntarily, knows all the dangers and will not file claims against the organisers upon any direct or indirect damage.


Further information:


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