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Estonian Inline Cup 2016 calendar now out and registration opened!

Estonian Inline Cup 2016 calendar now out and registration opened!

We know you´ll be waiting but now it´s here: Estonian Inline Cup 2016 calendar is out and more good news: we got early bird prices for you available either for the whole tour (all 4 stages) or just a single stage you liked. Take your chance and sign up before March 6th to get the early bird discount.

Find all the registration fees here.

Estonian Inline Cup 2016 has 4 stages located in different (amazing!) places around Estonia.


Sat June 4th Metek Tabasalu Inline Marathon

Sun July 10th Pärnu Inline Marathon

Sat August 6th Kalevipoja Inline Time Trial

Sat September 3rd Tallinna Inline Marathon


Either you are a competitive athlet or just about to come out chill and have fun with your friends or colleagues - from our wide selection everybody finds themselves a suitable distance!


Kids Race for your youngest inline fans – up to 8 years of age.

TuttiFrutti Mini Marathon for kids up to 12 years.

Fitness Skate (10km) – everybody can do that! Come out, take your friends with you and have fun spending a great day and have a nice, light sporty experience!

Half Marathon (21km) – for junior athletes and (Open Class) hobby skaters for whom 10km is just a warm-up but 42km feels „not quite there“ yet.

Marathon (42km) – the real deal for pro skaters as well as for hobby skaters who have been active and practicing and want to put themselves on test on a traditional 42km marathon distance!


Register now!


Join now and let´s roll throughout the summer! 

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