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Photo: Gertrud Alatare
Photo: Gertrud Alatare

On Sunday, April 21, the Valga Valka City Run took place, organized for the first time this year by the NGO Triatloniakadeemia. Elite runners from both Estonia and Latvia participated.

The program included kids' races, along with 5km and 10km distances. The 5km races were dominated by our southern neighbors, the Latvians, in both the men's and women's categories. In the men's category, Emils Stiprais took the top spot with a time of 00:16:08, while in the women's category, Latvia's rising star Agate Caune won with an impressive time of 00:16:11. The second place went to Arnis Ozolins (00:16:30) and Marta Luize Petersone (00:18:39), followed by Agnis Stulpinskis with a time of 00:16:57, and the only Estonian in the top three, Kadri Veske (00:19:43).


Estonians secured podium spots in the 10km races. Karel Hussar won the men's race with a time of 00:31:23, and Liis-Grete Arro topped the women's category with a time of 00:36:12. Hussar mentioned after the race that the course was slightly challenging but interesting: "I would have liked a better time, but the second half became more challenging due to the windy conditions." Despite this, Hussar was content with his victory: "You have to be satisfied with a win," he said.


Liis-Grete also hoped for a better time, but considering the demanding course and running solo, she was pleased with her result: "I managed to push hard, and despite significant fluctuations from one kilometer to another, the final time is decent."


Both Liis-Grete and Karel aim for strong performances this running season. Karel plans to make a possible marathon debut, while Liis-Grete's competition calendar includes triathlons alongside running events.


In the 10km race, Bert Tippi took second place among the men with a time of 00:34:16, and Siim Hansmann came in third (00:37:35). Among the women, Kaisa Kukk secured second place (00:38:41), and Helena Peik earned the bronze medal with a time of 00:42:16.


The organizing team was pleased with the event


Margus Lepik, a board member of Triatloniakadeemia, mentioned after the event that the team was very satisfied with the outcome: "The feedback from participants has been very positive regarding the course choice and overall organization. Additionally, the number of participants exceeded initial expectations, and more people attended the family day on Saturday than anticipated. Participants left with the impression that this is one of the best-organized running events and urged us to continue in the future."


Nearly 700 competitors participated across all four distances, with Utilitas providing additional energy to the event. Triatloniakadeemia's next competition will take place in Järva-Jaani, marking the start of the triathlon season. The running event will be held again in September for the 42nd Viking Window Paide-Türi run.


A detailed Triatloniakadeemia calendar can be found at


Race results can be found here:


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