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Rules of the Tehvandi Hill Run

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The run is unique because the finish of the competition is located in the upper part of landing area of Tehvandi K90 ski jumping hill and that is why the participants must climb approximately 110 m of the nets mounted on the landing area to get to the finish.


The distance of Youth Run is 2km, the distance of Short Run is 6km and the distance of Main Run is 11km, the courses run on the asphalt-covered roller skiing tracks of Tehvandi Sports Centre.


  • 10:00 - Registration is open
  • 12:00 - Youth Run start - 2km
  • 12:30 - Main Run and team start - 11km
  • 13:00 - Short Run start - 6km
  • 14:30 - Awarding ceremony 


Issuing of the start materials to the pre-registered contestants ends 30 minutes before the respective start 


Pre-race briefings are at the starting area 15 minutes before the respective start.



Run information



Tehvandi Hill Run is a run which takes place on the asphalt-covered roller skiing tracks of Tehvandi Sports Centre.


The finish of Tehvandi Hill Run is located in the upper part of the landing area of Tehvandi ski jumping hill.


In order to get to the finish, the participants must move/climb approximately 110 m of nets mounted on the landing area (we recommend using gloves upon climbing).


  • The distance of youth Run is 2km.
  • The distance of short Run is 6km
  • The distance of main Run is 11km

Participation fees

1 March 2018 - 15 April 2018

  • Youth Run (individual) - 7,00€
  • Youth Run (team) - 18,00€
  • Short Run (individual) - 20,00€
  • Main Run (individual) - 25,00€
  • Main Run (team) - 65,00€


One can pre-register at It is possible to pay the participation fee with a credit card.


Registration on site (only cash)

  • Youth Run (individual) - 10,00€
  • Youth Run (team) - 25,00€
  • Short Run (individual) - 30,00€
  • Main Run (individual) - 35,00€
  • Main Run (team) - 95,00€


Issuing of the start materials to the pre-registered contestants ends 30 minutes before the respective start 


Registration fee includes:


  • Professional organisation of competition
  • Timing
  • Race number
  • Participation medal
  • Water and sports drink in the finish
  • Medical aid
  • Dressing and washing in the stadium building of Tehvandi.


Participation fee is not refunded upon dropping out/quitting.

Other information

  • Each competitor takes part in the run on their own responsibility
  • Medical aid is guaranteed in the competition centre, on the course and in the finish
  • There are 2 drinking stations on the short and main run course
  • All issues not discussed in the instructions are solved by the organiser of the run
  • The organiser has the right to change the conditions mentioned in the instructions
  • Participants can park in the parking lot of Tehvandi ski stadium
  • Changing clothes and washing is possible at the Tehvandi ski stadium house
  • The participant confirms with his/her signature upon issuing the start materials that he/she has examined the instructions of Tehvandi Hill Run and his/her state of health allows to take part in the event. The participant is personally responsible for his/her activity and inactivity during the entire event. The participant takes part in the event voluntarily, knows all the dangers and will not file claims against the organisers upon any direct or indirect damage
  • All issues not covered by the Generalrules, will be solved by the Competition Jury.


Age group

Youth Run

  • Youth E – 2009 and younger
  • Youth D – 2007-2008
  • Youth Teams 


Short Run

  • Youth C – 2005-2006
  • Youth B – 2003-2004
  • Men - 1959-1998
  • Women - 1969-1998
  • Women 50+ - ...-1968
  • Men 60+ - ...-1958


Main Run

  • Juniors - 1999-2002
  • Men/Women 20 - 1989-1998
  • Men/Women 30 - 1979-1988
  • Men/Women 40 - 1969-1978
  • Men 50+ - 1959-1968
  • Teams (3 participants in each team - male teams, female teams, mixed teams)


Team competition

  • Team competition - youth run and main run
  • Each team has 3 members
  • Team member can also participate as individual participant (time will be taken individually)
  • Team members must be visually similar (same clothes, hats etc)
  • Team time  will be fixed by the time of last team member


Awards ceremonies

  • All partcipants will get a participant medal
  • Prizes will be given out to the three best competitors of each age group
  • Three best teams will be awarded in all the categories: male, female and mixed teams
  • It is mandatory to participate in the awards ceremony in order to receive the prize. If the competitor cannot be at the awards ceremony, their coach or representative can accept the award.




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